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(~1~)      Libra Glyph And Air Flow Of Wings

(~2~)      Libra Understanding The Sign

(~3~)      Libra And Seventh House Influences

(~4~)      Libra Typical Traits And Characteristics 

(~5~)      Libra And The Law

(~6~)      Libra’s Beautiful Wings Of Balance 

(~7~)      Libra Sign Ruler Venus

(~8~)      Libra’s Justice Of The Golden Proportion Or Divine Ratio

(~9~)      Libra Compared To A Scale

(~10~)    Libra Symbolism

(~11~)    Libra in Culture, Movies and TV  

(~12~)    Libra Occupations

(~13~)    Libra Mottos And Sayings

(~14~)    Libra Constellation And Wingtip Vortices 





September  23 or 24 – October 22 or 23







The Libra glyph represents wings outstretched in sustained but effortless flight, gliding easily and gently through the air, by letting the shape of the wings do all the work. Lazy Venus does nothing except be beautiful, and does not strain herself! (Inside the centre of the two wings above, when turned around to mirror each other, see the shape of a butterfly.)airflow over wing

Air flow and air waves around the perfect form fits perfectly with this Sign and this Element, and the passively beautiful Venus. It is not just a coincidence that the pattern of air flow, or aerodynamics around a wing, exactly emulates the glyph of Libra. 

Libra’s aerodynamic perfection stands for beauty, love, truth, law, fairness, justice, and balance in the Element of Air. Large Winged Isis Statue

The Egyptian goddess Isis (equivalent of Venus) represented the ideals of the Sign of Libra, and is shown in this picture with wings outstretched.



Why is Libra the Balance of the Air Element?           In order to understand the meaning of this Sign, Libra should only be taken in the context of its relationship to the other Air Signs of Gemini and Aquarius, and to the Air Element as one whole mental cycle, or trilogy. One Sign could not exist without the other two of the same Element, as they work in a relationship of three. One Element makes ‘the power of 3’. The triangle itself is a symbol of harmonious relationship. Air as a whole is an active Element.

Three Signs of the same Element work together as a positive, a negative, and a neutral (or they are like black, grey and white in relation to each other). The three Air Signs should be understood as a group composed of two absolute mental opposites, that are both balanced halfway by a middle Air Sign.

The Element of Air concerns awareness, communication, verbalisation, speech, relating, interests, observations, ideas, intellect, thought, mentality, mind, airwaves, or the space in between us and how we connect across it. The Air Element is also an expression of ‘time’. Air expresses the experience of mentality and of time on three basic levels – personal, interpersonal, and impersonal. 

The first Air Sign of Gemini signifies the primary, individual expression of the Air element, which indicates your own personal awareness, mind, and ideas, how you communicate within yourself, the initial urge to convey and verbalise personal ideas to others, what you use your mind for, also your basic education and ability to learn. In terms of time, Gemini is very quick, in the now, unreliable, immediate, fast flowing, elusive, and changeable. Time equals age, therefore Gemini is the Child of Air. Gemini/Mercury is Neutral and so it signifies any relationships or proximities on a neutral level, such as siblings or neighbours.         

The third Air Sign of Aquarius concerns the impersonal, mass communication, group mental awareness and ideas, or the larger, multiple relationships, such as teams, groups, organisations, nations, and far relationships, where communication of the individual self is lost, so that the many act as the one same mind. Birds of a feather all flock together. The ‘time’ of Aquarius is fixed, solid, consistent, stable, established, very slow or still, and exists in the past. Time equals age, therefore ruler Saturn is Father Time. Gemini and Aquarius are absolute mental opposites of each other.

Libra is the second Air Sign, or the middle way in communication and mentality, balancing and combining the two opposites of Gemini and Aquarius – this partnership of inner and outer, forms the interpersonal communication or relationship. The ‘time’ of Libra is neither old, nor in the past like Aquarius,  nor new, instant and elusive like Gemini – but Libra’s time has a shared, relative point of view, which can see in both directions. Time in Libra is classic and ideal – such as the classic fashions, where the temporary is given permanent status (for reasons of beauty and proportion). Time equals age, so Libra is the Mother in between the young child and the old father of Air. Time in Libra has neither a beginning nor an end, but is where consciousness meets in between. Time is relative when two are only aware of each other.

Gemini begins relationships. Aquarius finalises relationships. Libra is where relationships are balanced, or the perfect communication. In the Air Element, Venus balances the radically opposite mental forces of Mercury and Saturn – and Libra is their halfway mental meeting point. (Just as Virgo balances opposite physical forces of Venus and Saturn, with Mercury as their halfway physical point.) The three Air Signs go perfectly together as communication, company, and friendship. One pair of hands makes sole mental judgements in Gemini. Two pairs of hands make joint mental decisions in Libra. The cycle of the Air Element trinity finishes with Aquarius, which involves many pairs of hands, and group mental decisions.

What is the perfect communication in Libra you may ask? – the answer is pure LOVE and TRUTH coming from the Heart Chakra… Being a dual/Air Sign, Libra needs to mentally connect to another, and communicate as a pair. As it is the balancing Air Sign, Libra’s perfect formed communication is love.

 The cusp of Libra marks the vernal equinox when nights and days are of equal length (22 or 23 September). From this point onwards nights will start to lengthen as winter approaches. Virgo the Virgin brought the completion, maturity, or perfection of the physical form, and the first period. Libra is also the Sign of ovulation and rules the ovaries. Now Libra is now ready for the mental maturity of close partnerships, marriage, and union of minds in Libra. Libra, the seventh Sign, steps outside the self and into the interpersonal relationships.

I would like to stress that there is nothing male about Libra, this comes from labelling the alternating Signs around the wheel as male and female, when instead they are actually Active and Passive. (When you say male and female, it does not allow that some Signs are neutral, which is neither male nor female – for example, Male Aries, Female Taurus, and Neutral Gemini, and so on). Libra is an active female Sign, and Sign ruler Venus is a passive female planet. (Therefore Libra is the active version of Venus, which is already passive to begin with.)

In contrast, Libra’s opposite Sign of Aries seeks action itself, or action for the sake of action, and actions that have action, because Aries’ ruler Mars, is an active, young-yang planet, which rules an active young-yang Sign).



Libra is about the airwaves of interaction in between people, and can mean partnerships of all kinds – marriage, sharing activities, close co-operation of two, or any relationship that involves ideas shared equally between two. Libra is able to see both sides of an issue. (Notice that the symbol of joining hands involves the idea of Gemini, the first Air Sign, as one individual or pair of hands, becoming two individuals joining hands in Libra.)

Libra’s message is beauty and proportion of the mind. Libra is the appreciation of aesthetic beauty and art, and beauty in communication, such as music, dance or poetry, also fashion and style. Justice, law, morals, etiquette, social airs and graces, politeness, elegance, and grace, all belong to this Sign.

The exact start of Libra (0 degrees) is the very first sling of Cupid’s arrow.



Libras are sociable and do not like to be alone. They will naturally seek out close companions and partners, they need co-operation and togetherness. Libra puts the other person(s) first, and is observant and considerate of others needs. Libra is the peacemaker of the zodiac, sending out love and harmony over the air waves.

Libras are naturally tactful and diplomatic, they have strong mediation skills and make good counsellors. They know how to get the best out of people, and they can turn on the charm or flattery big time! Their inner beauty works on every level, and they know how to work on the other person (to their advantage sometimes). Libra makes the perfect host, and prefers a small intimate, elegant gathering, to a large and roudy party.

Libra is the ultimate romantic, who is in love with love itself, and enjoys flowers, and all romantic gestures. They are light and flirtatious in mood, they enjoy poetry and beautiful words. Libras are relaxed and easy, like a soft breeze that carries the wings of love.

Libra enjoys culture, music, and art, generally preferring the classic and traditional. They are chateau - beauty and cultureattracted to whatever is aesthetically pleasing. They admire beauty and love to be told they are beautiful. They have a sense of style and chic, they keep up with ‘The Fashion’, and they want to embody beauty and be It in terms of what is admired. (The French have an elegant culture, they are “a la mode”, and seem to follow a certain Libra style, or chic, and fine taste.) 

Libra loves luxury and they are posh and classy! As Eve, in Virgo’s Garden of Eden, Libra has already tasted the Best and now is not satisfied with any less! Their taste is impeccably ultra expensive, and of highest quality. They will like to wear the best clothes, to travel in style, to eat the best food, to be pampered, to live in beautiful luxurious surroundings, with the most stylish interiors, and exteriors (such as formal gardens which reflect style and proportion). Ruler Venus has an increasing effect, so they always need more. And Libras are active (not male) in directing the shape of their communications, and in forming relationships. 

Libra is extremely affected by ugliness, which makes them feel depressed – they can’t stand to be around it, as they cannot survive without style, beauty, colour, proportion, richness, fullness, vibrancy, and good company in their surroundings. Libra loves beauty for the sake of beauty. Air is consciousness, and Libra is always conscious of mental aesthetic beauty. Sensitive Libra likes the calm, so keeps away from action or trouble, and can be lazy if this is taken to extreme.  

romantic idealismLibra is the typically romantic persona, who always puts their loved one on a pedestal to show adoration and affection. The gallant, romantic, charming, and handsome prince idea is a bit fanciful for either sex to believe in, but Libra loves to fantasize, and does enjoy fairy tales and daydreaming – Libras are extremely idealistic, and so very attached to their rose tinted specs. This why planet Venus is quite happily placed in Pisces, but not in practical Virgo. Libra is compassionate towards close others, but Pisces is compassionate towards the large masses.

Even though the lasting romantic image of the perfect couple, and the happy ever after idea, is not always reality, people with Libra qualities will have the tendency to project their own romantic images onto the object of their affection. Libra is the mirror Sign because they reflect their ideas onto another. (They also like spending a lot of time in front of a mirror!)



Libras are fair minded and share opinions equally. Libras sit in the middle, so they make good mediators and lawyers. They like to please everyone and are able to see both sides of an issue. Libras can appear indecisive because they stay on the fence and do not take sides, as that would no longer be equal. Venus will not get involved in arguments, even if one person is apparently 100% right, and the other is apparently 100% wrong (assuming that absolutely no doubt whatsoever exists!). The Sign represents justice because Libra knows what is fair.

Libras are not usually described as judgemental, and if possible, Libra prefers to mediate effectively rather than to pass judgement. They would prefer to try to keep things pleasant and level before something ever got as far as a court. Being the judge means making a decision, and Libra does not like to do that. Libra is not dark and sombre, Libra is much lighter in mood, and would rather represent the idealistic lawyer’s side of the justice system, than be the serious judge and executioner. The actual courtroom environment, and the justice system around it, belongs to the Air Element as a whole – in which Saturn/Aquarius would be the jury since this concerns a group decision, and Saturn/Aquarius (fittingly stern) would also be the  judge who ultimately represents the group decision, not his own, but who uses Gemini’s personal intellect or single reasoning power within the context of the court case. The Libra laywers represent different points of view in a balanced way. One day Libra could represent one side of the case, and the next day they might represent the opposing side. Gemini would write the techinical legal contracts, and interestingly, Mercury can also represent the thief being judged.



The very best symbol to represent Libra would be a graceful and natural pair of wings in flight (or a white dove), which fits perfectly with the Sign’s Air Element image. Wings are an uplfting, inspirational, spiritual symbol of perfect air flow, or balance of Air (so is the dove – carrier of Libra peace – also a spiritual symbol).

The reason that wings represent the Sign of Libra, is that wings literally do work on, and around the balance of air. Wings need to be proportionate and perfectly balanced in order to be aerodynamic (or designed to fly). As well as the symmetry allowing movement through the air, both wings must work in complete harmony and co-operation to perform one unified function, otherwise they cannot fly, or send their message. One wing separately, or two mismatched wings can achieve nothing. Perfection resists drag! 

The beautiful and delicate balance of a pair of wings can explain Libra’s very essence, which is about partnership and togetherness in the Element of Air. Wings in flight represent communication and carrying across the air waves, but they also represent the importance that beauty, proportion and balance imparts to this communication. The dove is also a very fitting symbol for Libra, because of the wings of course, and because the dove carries Libra’s message of peace, love, spirituality, and freedom from the Heart Chakra. You cannot measure the beauty and heart of Venus on a scale.   

One major point about Libra, is they do not tip up and down! Libra always keeps it level, and this is their very signature or essence. They like a calm status quo. They do not flap about.

Libra remains perfectly level as this Sign is the balance of Air, Libra floats or glides perfectly evenly and without effort across the air waves, carried only by natural proportion and aerodynamics.

Libra’s levelness in the air, shows that Libra has the qualities of loyalty and faithfulness, with a heart that is honest, steady and true. Saturn is also steady and true, which is why it is said to be quite happily placed in Libra (or as it is Saturn, should I say less unhappy).

Libras know what is ‘right’ and ‘fair’, by sensing natural artistic or relationship proportion. The Libra balance is instinctive, gentle, effortless, and natural – like the design of wings.

The principles of aerodynamics are the intrinsic reason for the Wings of Libra’s balanced air qualities, because of the easy exchange of air. Libra desires the artistic freedom to be carried by their natural aerodynamic balance, and to relax only on a current of warm air, or good vibes. Libra glides effortlessly, high up in the air above it all, to find perfect peace balancing upon the airwaves.

Libras are likely to make instinctive artistic or relationship decisions based on natural proportion, and this makes them a good mediator or counsellor, as bringing peace and harmony is their role. Libras only want to spread the peace and love… Libra is far from practical, which is why Venus is less happily placed in Virgo.

If Mercury and Venus each chose to draw a symbol of equality and balance, the artistic and romantic Libra or Taurus might draw something natural and beautiful like wings, or a dove, or a heart, etc. But the logical and practical Gemini or Virgo might draw something dull, but very useful, like a weighing scale, a ruler, or callipers etc (tools associated with the hands that show commercial equality and balance). 



Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and both Signs complete the full potential of Venus’ – which is to combine the beauty in Air and Earth at the same time. (For example, the point of physical expression at 10 degrees Taurus, will correspond to the same point mentally at 10 degrees Libra, or 2 degrees, or 20 degrees and so on). At 29 degrees Taurus and Libra, Venus’ cycle is almost complete, and final completion of Venus is reached at 30 degrees of both Signs. The beauty of Taurus’ physical form completes at 30 degrees, and at the exact same point in time 30 degrees Libra completes the mental side of this. (The beginning and end of a Sign are synchronised to the exact same moment – when at 30 degrees one Sign ends, then simultaneously 0 degrees of the next Sign starts in a new direction, with an impression of the Sign before it). 

In the physical Sign of Taurus, Venus rules physical beauty and proportion. So in the mental Sign of Libra, Venus expresses the mental form of beauty and proportion – as fairness, equality, and love. The Venus qualities of physical generosity, sweetness and softness, translate into Air as mental sharing and kindness, and gentleness.

Think of Earth as the physical form, and Air as the space around it, and see how Libra is the mental equivalent of Taurus. Venus or Aphrodite is the goddess of love, both physically and mentally. Venus rules the heart chakra. Libra is female, and the energy of Venus is nurturing and young-yin. 

Libra is an active Sign, and the active expression of already passive planet Venus – therefore planet of love Venus, actively seeks love itself, and love is passive. Taurus and Libra show the physical and mental sides of ruler Venus, in that love is a passive physical activity for Taurus, and an active mental activity for Libra. (Taurus is a Passive Sign ruled by a Passive planet). Women represent Venus actively (outwardly) in mind and body, while men are considered effeminate if they do so.



The secret of Venus is the IDEAL SHAPE, or divine proportion – both mental and physical in one, representing Air and Earth Elements. Venus is artistic, elegant, balanced, and fair in every way.

Venus represents the perfect sharing of space mentally and physically, reflected in nature. Perfect natural arrangement is the fairness of Libra.

The balanced proportions of Libra reflect in the Classical face and body, or in the aerodynamics of wings, or in a dove carrying a message of peace…

THE LIBRA BALANCE is the passive ‘justice’ of the divine proportion in a flower.

Libra’s natural artistic talent, is a sense of what is right, or what goes together, in fairness and proportion. In every sense Venus is beautiful.



Greek Goddess Astraea was an ancient figure to represent Virgo, the virgin who held a scale as a symbol of simple Earthly goodness, balance and justice, rather than a sheaf of wheat. (Later the scale was given to Libra, but Libra has a more divine, artistic kind of balance than a scale.)

Traditionally, Mercury stands for the physical norm and balancing weights & measures. Gemini is the rational, logical, mental, Air aspect of Mercury, which measures up and weighs with the mind (as the mental equivalent of a physical scale). Mercury will compare two things AGAINST each other on a scale, to measure the commercial value of ONE mundane item (using precise weights of a critical standard)…But Venus will compare WITH (not against), to understand the idea of relationship and how TWO work together (using no instruments, only artistic talent). The scale and weights are made by perfectionist Virgo.  Virgo evaluates physically, via the Earthy critical, neutral, interaction of weights and measures. Gemini evaluates mentally and expresses the Airy critical, mental, neutral idea of commercial interaction. A scale represents something that Libra would find boring, average, neutral, clinical, commercial, because it is not based on love, or partnership, or art.

The scale can actually only weigh ONE item, not two – the idea is that on one side of the scale you put the item to be commercially evaluated, and on the other side of the scale you put dead-on accurate weights of various sizes. Or you could divide ONE item by putting equal halves of it on either side of the scale, and once divided up, it becomes for equal but single and separate use – rather than as ONE item to share and use jointly. Any two items joined as one resource may be so different that they cannot be compared or weighed against each other with the limitations of Virgo’s scale, yet the two may co-operate or equate in some other way, which can be understood by the divine proportion of Libra.

scale function belongs to virgoAs you can only measure one thing on a scale, and you can also only measure weight with a scale – so it would not make any sense to put a set of weights on both sides, nor to balance a painting by Salvador Dali on one side of a scale, against a painting by Claude Monet on the other side, for example. But Libra would use natural artistic sensibility to appreciate both paintings for their own qualities or points of view, without judging them. To see two different ideas at once in a balanced way, takes the natural artistic talent of Libra (no manufactured instruments can do that). I think the kindness of Venus does not judge or criticise, but leaves judging to Saturn, and lets Mercury pick out the flaws with a precise scale. Making neutral and complex intellectual decisions, or being judgemental, requires a sharp kind of criticism that is not in soft, gentle, beautiful Libra. The intellect is neutral, single, genderless, and belongs to Mercury.

At Gemini’s and Virgo’s ending points, ruler Mercury had already satisfied, and completely achieved the role of perfect mental and physical balance symbolised by the scale. The balance of the scale can go no further than the end of Virgo – Virgo’s perfect garden began to persish just as soon as Libra picked the apple and first understood female (and by association, male). Whether the apple is eaten or not, the decline begins after the perfection of Virgo and the fruit will turn to seed. The start of Libra and the equinox signifies moving away from neutral perfection. Libra has left Virgo’s neutral, single expression behind. Libra has started a new journey, to explore the dual expression, or to find a mate.



The Butterfly is a symbol of the Earth Element’s transition from Virgo into the Air Element of Libra, growing in beauty and grace. The wings and decoration relate to the Air Element half of the symbol. The butterfly’s new physical form will not last long, and now that the physical decline has already begun its approach, the Libra role of seeking a mate becomes a priority. The beauty of Libra seeks the duality of female expression, and the cocoon of Virgo neutrality is now a past memory. Holding Hands involves Air Sign Gemini as one person’s pair of hands, which in this Libra’s symbol are now joined in co-operation of two persons and pairs of hands – because that is the significance of Libra as the second of the three Air Signs. The shape of the two arms meeting, mimics the look of wings. The Dove is a symbol of peace and communication for the Element of Air, and as it flies on its wings of perfect balance and proportion, the dove carries the beautiful message of love, partnership and co-operation between two. The Heart and Wings represent love, the Heart Chakra, and the Air Element of Libra/Venus. The Heart and Wings are a Sufi symbol of love and spirit. The Eagle symbolises the point when Libra changes into Scorpio. The Triangle shape upside down mirrors a heart shape, or a bird in flight, it also mirrors the triangle between the legs of the female, or triangle area of the female reproductive system (Libra rules the Uterus, Ovaries and ovulation). The pink upside down triangle is a Gay Symbol. The colour pink is very appropriate for rose tinted, idealistic, pretty Libra, and a Pink Heart is a fitting symbol for love and romance. Green and pink are opposites, and Venus represents the Green Heart Chakra… The Phi Symbol represents the Divine Proportion.



Film icons Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn both portray the classic style, grace, and beauty of Libra in their movie roles. The luxurious glamour and style of Hollywood Films in the 1920’s epitomises Libra. Ginger Rogers epitomises classic beauty and grace through her dance in her Hollywood films.

The essence of Libra’s style, expresses as ultimate iconic elegance, representing a model of classic proportion, which is remembered with lasting and loyal permanence in the present tense, even if from long ago past. This can reflect in iconic culture, fashion, architecture, music, and art.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco are both related by their shared influence of ruling planet Venus – the natural themes and organic style of Art Nouveau, shows the Earthy Venus side of Taurus – the elegant mental forms of Art Deco symbolise the Air aspect of Libra. Both art styles express the beauty of Venus.

The Chrysler Building emulates the shapes of Art Deco in its design. The classic, elegant, rounded shapes, could appear like abstract versions of organic forms.art deco moth

Beauty And The Beast is the classic tale as old as time, of two absolute physical or mental opposites (exactly like Venus and Saturn). Belle’s beauty and charm wins over the ugly and coarse mannered beast, without using any clever words, or tactics. Her grace and proportion carries her naturally across the airwaves.

Romantic Rose in Sleeping Beauty will not wake up for anything less than the kiss of her young and handsome prince. Lazy Venus loves to take it easy and to dream of the perfect romance!



Actor, Artist, Art Gallery Owner, Animator, Musician, Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, Fashion Designer, Set Designer, Art Director, Make Up Artist, Beautician, Model, Beauty Queen, Dating Agency Advisor, Romantic Website Host, Wedding Planner, Being Married, Partner, Co-ordinator, Small Events Hosting and Hospitality, Maitre D, Classy Waiter, Chat Host, Relationship Adviser, Counsellor, Therapist, Lawyer… Or, Libra likes doing nothing else but looking beautiful, living in luxury, and being seen and admired, or being married to someone who has money and status.

(Notice the order of the Occupations list – it starts with an artistic person who creates and embodies beauty, then marriage or partnership, then hosting events, then relationship help and counselling, and finally therapy and law!)



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The difference in high and low air pressure above and below the wing keeps it airborne, and when these two different air pressures meet as they roll off the wing, it causes a cylindrical rotatating air vortex at the wingtip (at the left wingtip the vortex turns clockwise and at the right wingtip the vortex turns counterclockwise). These vortices are affected by the shape and thickness of the wing, and they also increase when more speed and weight is added. At very slow speeds these vortices are very mild, but at high speeds they are extremely violent and it is extremely dangerous for any aircarft in their wake several minutes afterwards. Moisture in the air can condense so the vortices are seen as a white vapour trail from each wingtip.

Constellations are only join the dots, and there is never more than a vague shape which tries to fit in with the idea of the Sign it associates with. To me the dots of the Libra constellation look like the triangle of wings with the wingtip vortices trailing behind.

In Libra’s case, the wings just balance in the air due to aerodynamics, so the wingtip trails will be extremely mild and disperse instantly, very easily blown aside.


 TopAstronomer.com ~ Constellation Description And Mythology  


libra sign rainbow