MANDALA  (Definition of ‘mandala’ by Britannica Concise Encyclopedia:   In Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism, a mandala is a diagram representing the universe, used in sacred rites and as an instrument of meditation. The mandala serves as a collection point for universal forces. By mentally “entering” the mandala and moving toward its centre, one is guided through the cosmic processes of disintegration and reintegration. Two types of mandalas represent different aspects of the universe: the garbha-dhatu (“womb world”), in which the movement is from one to the many, and the vajra-dhatu (“diamond world”), from the many into one.) 

~ one universal pattern can say more than an infinite number of words ~


The Universal Astrological Mandala – the illustration above (created by Charm Virgo) – represents the body of the universe and how the balance of energies are distributed therein. The chart is reversible left to right and the energies could flow either way, forwards or backwards around the wheel. The left side is also a mirror image of the right and vice versa. Above and below the wheel are polar opposites and not reversible, the wheel in between is where they TibetanWheelofLife 2combine their energies.

The Universal Astrological Mandala has some similarities to the Tibetan Wheel of Life (illustration on the right) – a depiction of the body of the universe, with a head, a tail, arms and legs, and in the middle the white half ascends while the black half descends, representing the seasons. The various pictures within the wheel show a journey around the wheel. Above is sky which light shines through, and below is solid earth which light cannot shine through.


The Sun is always opposite the Earth.  The Sun and the Earth are both outside the wheel, like the thousand petal crown chakra at the top of the head, and the eight petal brama chakra below the feet.

The Sun at the top represents the number 1, it is the crown chakra of clear pure white light at the top of the chart.

The Earth represents the number 0, and dense pure solid black at the bottom. Halfway between white and black is grey, which is both and yet neither.


The six colours of the rainbow when all mixed together make either white (the 6 light colours of the Sun), or black (the 6 opaque dense colours of the Earth). The chakra energy colours are created from the spiritual  light of the Sun, as though split through a prism. The Earth is the physical manifestation of these colours.

The top three colours are cool and the bottom three colours are warm. In light colours, cool colours advance and warm colours recede. In solid colours, cool colours recede and warm colours advance. 


Down the centre of the mandala is the spine, along which the six colour chakras line up – one chakra for each planet inside the body – 1/Saturn/red, 2/Jupiter/orange, 3/Mars/yellow, 4/Venus/green, 5/Mercury/Blue, 6/Moon/purple. The top level chakra 7/Sun/white is outside the body above the top of the head, as indicated by the wings the energy ascends.

The caduceus is a representation of the spine. The twin snakes which intertwine it carry the chakra energy of the Planets and their Signs up and down the spine. They intersect six times creating the six energy centres. One snake travels up and the other down through the six colours, but when enlightenment is achieved both travel upwards along the spine, so that the top level white crown chakra is activated. The caduceus is a symbol of enlightenment.


The twin snakes eating their tails in the centre of the mandala represent eternity. They are also the twin snakes of the caduceus.


Inside the wheel, each one of the six chakras corresponds to two Signs sharing the same ruling Planet, colour, and gender – the two Signs are interrelated as the passive and active sides of each other, one on the left and one on the right. The two halves are like two sides of the same brain. The left side of the chart is a mirror image of the right, and vice versa.


Inside the wheel the top half contains two female planets – Moon (Old Yin) and Venus (Young Yin), and one neutral planet – Mercury which is turning to Yin in both directions. The lower half of the wheel contains two male planets – Mars (Young Yang) and Saturn (Old Yang), and one neutral planet – Jupiter which is turning to Yang in both directions. Venus and Mars balance each other as the Young Yin and Yang. Moon and Saturn balance each other as the Old Yin and Yang. Mercury and Jupiter balance each other as the neutral Mutable Planets one converting to Yin and one converting to Yang. These three pairs of Planets complement each other as they are complementary colours.

Outside the wheel the four Elements are represented –

Above is weightless air and fire, and below is heavy water and earth. 


At the four corners of the chart are the hands and feet, represented by the four neutral Mutable Signs that are ruled by two neutral Mutable Planets – Mercury (Virgo and Gemini) the hands, and Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces) the feet.


On the halfway border of the top half of the chart, Taurus and Libra are in mirror image of each other as the active and passive sides of young yin planet Venus, and as the alternately spinning energies of the green heart chakra. (Venus or Persephone, brings the spring and ends the summer, spending six months above and six months below the ground as in mythology).

In the earth trinity, Taurus is the physical growth and richness of spring, Capricorn is the physical decline and lack of winter, and half way between them Virgo reaches the balance and peak of physical perfection (the perfect unpicked fruit of the Garden of Eden). The mutability of Virgo cannot remain perfect. At the end of Virgo’s span, the harvest marks the onset of physical decline that will eventually materialise into Capricorn.

Libra is the beginning of the end when the once perfect fruit of Virgo turns to seed, but these seeds hold the blueprint of new generations of fruit, and by the end of Libra’s span the seed is ripe. The seed is passive, waiting to be brought into life by outside energies.

Then Scorpio fertilises the seed, bringing rebirth from the ashes. (Next in Sagittarius the cells divide to become multiplied). On the halfway border of the bottom half of the chart, Aries and Scorpio are in mirror image of each other as the active and passive sides of Mars, and as the alternate energies of the yellow solar plexus chakra.




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