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October  23 or 24 – November 22 or 23






The Scorpio glyph shows an M ending in an arrow of movement and energy. The loops of the glyph represent the coils of a snake, and the arrow a snake head (and/or its forked tongue), it is also the energy of movement in the male sperm. The three coils of energy in the Scorpio glyph symbolise the ‘Power of Three’ for the Water Element, and each loop represents the energy of one the three Signs. The full potential of the Water Trinity is contained within and released through the middle culminating Water Sign of Scorpio. The snake or sperm is awake, aroused, and ready to strike in Scorpio. The coils also represent DNA and the transfer of its energy through the interchange of fluids in the second Sign of the Water Element.

(In contrast, the Virgo glyph also shows the M of the three energy coils (Signs) of the Earth Element. Virgo contains the full power and culmination of the Earth Element, and the closed loop of the M shows that Virgo reserves the energy rather than releases it. In Virgo the snake sleeps and the potential of the Earth Element is locked.)



How is Scorpio the culmination of the Water Element? In order to understand the meaning of this Sign, Scorpio should only be taken in the context of its relationship to the two other Water Signs of Cancer and Pisces, and to the Water Element as one whole cycle, or a trilogy. One Sign could not exist without the other two of the same Element, as each Element works in a relationship of three, making the ‘Power of Three’.  The triangle itself is a symbol of harmonious relationship representing the power of three.

Water is a passive Element. The Element of Water holds the soul, memory and life imprint, instincts, unconscious, emotion, empathy, and instinctive reaction (as opposed to the instinctive action of the Fire Element). Water represents the unconscious instincts compared to the conscious instincts of the Fire Element.

Three Signs of the same Element work together as a positive, a negative, and a neutral. Or male/father,  female/mother, and child/neutral. Or black, white and grey. Etc… The three Water Signs should be understood as a group composed of two absolute opposites, which are both balanced halfway by a middle Water Sign that is an equal blend of the other two but exists in its own right.  This trinity works on three basic levels – personal, interpersonal, and impersonal. Water represents DNA which contains our soul, not just our physical characteristics – interpersonal  Sign Scorpio is where DNA is interchanged and where we begin as the fertilised seed – personal Sign Cancer is we receive the parental imprint directly from the mother as an actual person not just as DNA – impersonal Sign Pisces is the waters of the womb where we receive the soul imprint of the mass unconscious.

Cancer is the first Water Sign and is female (mother). Cancer expresses soul, memory, and reactions on a personal level. This Sign is the early impression, or first imprint and formation of the soul. Cancer is the mother of the Water Element, the old yin energy, the home where we are nurtured, close family, and our personal blood ties. We give and receive emotional energy on a personal level through our family upbringing and environment.

Pisces is the third Water Sign and is neutral (child). Pisces expresses impersonal or external blood ties, to those outside close of family, and is the opposite of Cancer in this sense. Pisces represents the large family, or many families joined together as a collective. Pisces brings nurturing to the outer world, it is the ideal of collective unconscious emotions and soul, and extending caring and feeling to the world as a whole.

Scorpio is interpersonal, male (father), and the second Water Sign, representing all the qualities halfway in between personal Cancer, and impersonal Pisces.  The Water of Scorpio is the link, binding, or bringing together, between our close (Cancer) blood ties, and the external (Pisces) blood of others outside of family. When we join in a personal way with those from other families, there is a blend of the opposites of inner and outer. The keyword for all of the second signs within each element is sharing between two. Scorpio as a Water Sign is shared fluids, such as those we interchange during intimate contact, how we mix our blood with another. It is also the imprint and copy of ourselves that we share amonst others through DNA, and the joining together of male and female to create or recreate a new life force which embodies both parents. Scorpio plants a seed of new life that combines two family lines, and this new seed will in turn continue the cycle and recreate the family line again.



Scorpio means shared blood resources and bonds between two and to share each other in deepest possible essence. It can also mean inherited resources passed to and from family members (like DNA, or even inherited family possessions including money, but always in the Watery sense of blood links sense rather than purely materially like an Earth Sign, as making a will is a way of expressing the sentimental self in an everlasting lasting way and passing yourself on to those closest to you).

Scorpio is the joining of the male and female seed, and fertilised seeds in general. Scorpio is a fixed sign and wants to leave something permanent of itself which comes from its very essence. 

Scorpio’s sexuality is about sharing intensity and personal essence with another. Scorpio’s urges go deep – far deeper than self gratification and physical indulgence, which is more about opposite Sign Taurus and ruler Venus (the two opposite Signs of Scorpio and Taurus complement each other).

The genetic legacy is not just something that you pass on yourself, but something that you receive from your parents. In the Eighth House you should see all the traits, qualities and characteristics that you have inherited. You should see your type of family background and those unconscious emotions and instincts that you inherited from them and which bind you by blood.

This sign being the passive, unconscious side of Mars, you can see how Aries or 1st house as the active side of Mars gets the genetic inheritance actively and consciously. Aries plays the active role of intiating sex while Scorpio plays the passive side of passing on the genes and carries out the deed, so the sexual act is in two parts.



Scorpios want to feel intense closeness to another person, they want to share themselves and to connect at soul level. Sexuality is natural to them. They crave intimacy and to share their closest secret (ultimately DNA). Once they feel they belong to another and that another belongs to them, they are incredibly possesive of that closeness. It is possible to take this to the point of feeling that they ‘are’ the other person and vice versa – and in a way, when the two mix their seed together, they do become the other person and the other person becomes them. Scorpio only likes to share in a way that is of benefit to themselves and their love is selfish.

Since Mars is an aggressive planet, but Scorpio is a passive Sign, this inward aggression expresses as revenge and holding a grudge for a long time. The inner hatred of Scorpio compares with the outer anger of Aries which is more of a quick flare up.



Mars is Adam while Venus is Eve. The serpent in the garden is the unconscious/passive male drive seeking expression.

Mars is the Young Yang energy – male energy that is young, vigorous, and active. Mars is the snake in the garden that rises up and down the spine or the trunk of the tree of knowledge. It tempts Eve to know the taste of the ripe fruit of the tree, as the fruit contains within itself the secret of rebirth. In contrast Saturn is the Old Yang energy that has reached age and maturity, it is the wise old serpent lying dormant at the base of the trunk or spine, and hides the ancient knowledge therein. Saturn is symbolic of the kundalini energy lying dormant at the base of the spine, while Mars is the activate energy of the kundalini.

See more about the Garden of Eden in the Virgo article.



Mars, ruler of Scorpio, is a male, active planet, all about self preservation and male sexuality. Mars is aggressive, competitive,  energetic, passionate, lustful, strong, victorious, always ahead and in front. Its urge is primary, selfish, it wants to dominate. Mars has an active and a passive side, but Mars is an active planet to begin with, so that Scorpio is the passive side of something very active.The direct/active expression of Mars is purely about the self in a personal (Aries) way, whereas the indirect or passive expression of Mars is about preserving the self in an interpersonal (Scorpio) way – through sharing of DNA, fluids and blood. Scorpio continues the bloodline to ensure preservation of the self, so one way or another Mars is always about self, even when it shares itself and in the way it interacts with others. Sex is the shared selfishness of Scorpio, unlike the shared love of Libra, and the two combine to preserve their life forces.

If they could speak, the egg of Libra would say “what’s mine is yours”, and the sperm of Mars would say “what’s yours is mine”. Once Libra’s egg has been fertilised through Scorpio, Mars has laid his claim there and the egg becomes his – when the aim of Mars has been achieved it is in ‘passive’ mode while the fire is temporarily quenched.



The glyph of Mars is made from a circle and an arrow – two snakes – one straight and the other in a circle. The first snake is the outgoing and active Aries side, a bold thrust of movement and energy, erect and phallic. However  in Scorpio Mars is represented by the sperm, which has a bold thrust of energy and movement, and is the passive side of the arrow because it is unconscious. The second snake, also the passive Scorpio side, is in the form of a circle – a snake eating its own tail being the symbol of rebirth and eternity and becoming a continuation of its own self, by feeding and fuelling its own life force. The two sides of Mars together represent the fertilised egg.



There are several symbols for Scorpio – such as Scorpion, Serpent, Dragon, Eagle, Phoenix… Both the scorpion and the snake have a very quick, instinctive, and self protective strike. The Scorpion’s Sting comes from its tail, and the snake’s from its mouth, but the snake IS just one tail, and a phallic symbol, and of course the sperm is a form of snake. The eagle is a symbol of the Libra/Scorpio cusp, the wings show the transition from the Libra half, and the Eagle’s nature is from Scorpio or Mars half. The phoenix expresses the Scorpio themes of rebirth and regeneration, the rebirth in the fire takes place on the Scorpio Sagittarius cusp. The dragon is a form of serpent, it’s head breathes fire as Scorpio heads to Fire Sign Sagittarius.

In comparison to Libra’s butterfly symbol, Scorpio represents a moth, which is the dark, nightime version of the butterfly. A moth is symbolic of secret knowledge.



Scorpio professions involve dealing with resources that are shared at family and close relationship level. This could be an accountant, a banker, someone working in a fertility clinic, a biologist, a genealogist, a nanny, or babysitter taking care of your future potential, a pimp, someone working in an escort agency.



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