Everything in the Universe is based on the same simple and elegant formula however complex things may seem, and this is why you have fractals. (Fractals are inverted Universes).

If the Universe were very complicated, then it would be equally complicated for it to come into existence, and the chances of it happening would become too small.

All you need to know is the balance of the positive, the negative, and the neutral, which exists everywhere and in everything.

This theory is based on no scientific knowledge, but on the related subjects of the Laws of Balance, Astrology, I-Ching…



Just as the Universe is very simple and elegant, so too is the explanation.

It is deduced that when all of the matter in the Universe was created, it would only take just one surplus/missing electron or proton etc, never joined to any element anywhere, whereby this forces a dynamic state of change and expansion (or contraction?) in the entire Universe’s attempt to re-balance itself. Perhaps the surplus causes expansion, and lack causes contraction, or vice versa. Possibly, the Universe deliberately creates a surplus electron to make sure of the expansion.

The attempt to re-balance could be exponential, which could explain why the Universe might expand faster.

The Universe may be fundamentally flawed… 

No matter how many times the atoms are rearranged into different elements, the Universe cannot find exactly the right combination of elements to create the exact perfect state of balance between positive/negative/neutral.

(Now it needs a scientific or mathematical mind to calculate the balance of the Universe, and whether it fluctuates or always stays the same as it was in the beginning.)



The creation of humans, animals, plants, may be one of the ways that the Universe tries to re-balance itself.

Even in the vastness of the Universe, the opportunities for planets that sustain life are tiny, and it all relies on sheer luck to create a planet like Earth. Therefore, the clever ‘trick’ of the Universe is to compensate as much as possible for this lack of opportunity, by using gargantuan numbers, so that eventually something will happen.

So it is above and below, and everywhere in nature there are examples of this same tactic – the obvious one is the deployment of millions of sperm, because of the universal theory that it only takes one to succeed in getting past the massive sheer luck factor.

The Universe needs to be large enough so that it can never lose. The Universe is based on eventuality, and serendipity is extremely rare or the Universe would not compensate for the lack of it. The Universe has to reach a certain size, in order to be large enough to beat the odds.



As our Universe is already a Universe, it does not have to create a load of multiple parallel Universes in order to make sure that it IS in fact that same Universe, or to prove to itself that it exists.

Yet, it is conceivable that there are many Universes that are totally independent and NOT as in sliding doors, in order for the best chance of survival – and this will hold with the sheer luck theory. By creating millions of itself, when one Universe expires there are many others as backup. But you and I will not find alternative copies of ourselves through sliding doors – otherwise if one Universe fails, they will all fail because of how they are linked, and one loose thread would unravel the lot (is that a string theory?).

Instead there may be other lifeforms, but still similar to our own. Never mind aliens – what if fairies, giants, and unicorns, do exist….or what about vampires and werewolves etc. Somewhere in another Universe WE may be the mythical creatures in THEIR story books? (The Mummy, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny may be going too far).

Each Universe has its own tangent and exists separately, but all of exist them with exactly the same Rules. Therefore, for the purpose of discussion, it is only ever necessary to discuss ONE Universe (our own). Because it’s all the same theory and it is STILL the one Universe so to speak.

Could there be a butterfly effect between all Universes and one consciousness for ALL? 




The whole math theory is simply 1 per one Universe, and still 1 overall over the multiverse. (And of course 0 zero).



Would the Universe be very small if it was *perfect* and never grow? Is the growth necessary? Was there just one starting element at the very beginning – perhaps 666 Carbon-12, which became *corrupted* by Man in a manner of speaking? When everything starts going right, you know that’s a Universe that is about to End in its ‘near’ future. Then there is a rebound. No strings attached.

Orc and Elf..