(~1~)      Virgo Glyph And Symbol 
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(~4~)      Virgo Typical Traits And Characteristics
(~5~)      Virgo The Virgin In The Garden Of Eden
(~6~)      Virgo Tree Of Knowledge And The Earth Triplicity
(~7~)      Sleeping Serpent Of Saturn
(~8~)      Mercury’s Caduceus
(~9~)      Virgo Sign Ruler Mercury
(~10~)    Virgo Or The Sixth House And Physical Health   
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August 23 or 24 to September 22 or 23








The three wavy lines of the Virgo  glyph represent the ‘Power of Three’ and Serpent energy coils of the Earth Element trinity – the closed loop indicates the Earth energy is locked. Virgo’s physical perfection or virginity contains the unexpressed potential expression of the complete Earth triplicity, and Virgo holds the Serpent energy in reserve – the Serpent sleeps when the glyph is closed.

(The three coils of energy in the Scorpio  glyph symbolise the ‘Power of Three’ for the Water Element. The Serpent contains the energy of the whole Water Trinity, and the open loop at the end of the M shows that in Scorpio the Serpent awakens and releases the full potential of the Water Element.)   

The Virgin symbolises the peak of physical perfection represented by Virgo. The word virgo comes from latin and means maid, maiden, unmarried, virgin. The Sign of Virgo is usually depicted by a maiden. This is usually goddess of the harvest Demeter (Ceres), who holds a symbolic Sheaf of Wheat to show that she is on the point of ripeness and ready to harvest. Virgo the Virgin is also Astraea, who carries a scale in one hand, for accurately balancing matter. The Virgin can either be seen holding a rod called a Caduceus (or a plain rod), or a Scale. She may or may not have wings, which are a sign of Libra’s perfect balance and communication in the Air Element.

The winged version of Virgo reflects that there is a transition into the next Sign of Libra. By the same association,  when pictured with a scale, Libra reflects the transition from Virgo’s scale of commercial balance. But Virgo does not have wings, and Libra does not have a scale.




Why is Virgo the Virgin? In order to understand the meaning of this Sign, Virgo should only be taken in the context of its relationship to the other Earth Signs of Taurus and Capricorn, and to the Earth Element as a whole cycle. One Sign could not exist without the other two of the same Element, they do not work separately. Three Signs of the same Element work together as a positive, a negative, and a neutral (or they are like black, grey and white in relation to each other). The three Earth Signs should be understood as a group comprised of two absolute physical opposites, that are both balanced halfway by a Neutral middle Sign. The three physical, interrelated Signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, combine to make the one Earth Element. Earth as a whole is a passive Element.

The Element of Earth concerns the mundane, pragmatic, practical, material, earthly, solid, and the experience of physical form on three basic levels – personal, interpersonal, and impersonal.

The young and beautiful Venus or Aphrodite (ruler of Taurus), embodies all of the archetypal young-yin female qualities, which are diametrically opposed to the old-yang physical qualities of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn). The physical expressions of Taurus and Venus are – young, beautiful, rich, sweet, abundant, fat, soft, gentle, rounded, female, nurturing, goodness. As it is the first Earth Sign, Taurus concerns (‘me’) personal or private earthly matters and physical experiences, the physical matters that are close to you such as personal possessions, your sensuality, direct physical senses and experience, physical pleasures and your enjoyment of them. The Earth energy of Taurus accumulates and accentuates the physical. The earthly beginnings of the first Sign brings forth the buds of spring and nurtures new life. Taurus continues the job of increase and nurture up right up to the point where Virgo’s peak of perfection at has been reached when the fruit is ripe for picking.

After the harvest perfection declines, and the physical lack, and decay  of Capricorn begins as winter now grows nearer each day. The physical expressions of Capricorn are – old, ugly, lean, decayed, dying, poor, lacking, wintery, lean, bony, male, ‘evil’ (as in living good – dying bad!), rotting, and Devil/lust. The third Earth Sign Capricorn concerns (‘them’) impersonal or outer mass earthly matters, the physical collective and possessions of the many, the shared resources of a group where there is less to go round than on a personal level. The winter brings an ending but sets the way for transformation into a new beginning.

Virgo brings the time to harvest when physical growth reaches its very peak of perfection, while the fruit is at precisely that moment it is ripe for picking.   Virgo is the interpersonal (‘you and I’) Earth Sign combining the other two Earth Signs, or the middle way in practical matters.  Virgo is only one part of a complete physical process or cycle, involving the three Earth Signs in co-operation. The Earth Element is an endless cycle of physical birth (Taurus), physical peak (Virgo), and physical decline (Capricorn) – the three states of Earth. Virgo bridges the exact halfway point between the excess of Taurus and the lack of Capricorn, and this is the very reason why this Sign represents the perfect balance and logical order of the physical plane – never too much or too little, but always precisely just right. Balance is logic.

Virgo blends the feminine qualities of Taurus and the masculine qualities of Capricorn, into a separate neutral quality which is neither masculine nor feminine, but embodies equal qualities from each ‘parent’. Virgo represents the female child starting and reaching physical maturity, a virgin girl whose potential feminine qualities are not yet fully expressed, still neutral. Virgo’s perfection brings puberty, when the first period is the sign that all parts of the reproductive system have matured. In the majority, the first ovulation takes place once regular periods become established. (Libra is the Sign of ovulation and ovaries.)

Virgo’s mutability and its duality lies in that it is and must be perfect, yet it cannot remain so and it has to learn to release its hidden potential.

As a Mutable sign, Virgo cannot stay perfect for long, its virgin neutrality moves towards feminine into the next Sign of Libra, and in Scorpio finds sexuality. Virgo is the Sign of physical transition at the end of summer. The  end of Virgo and the start of Libra marks the vernal equinox when nights and days are of equal length (22 or 23 September). From this point onwards nights will start to lengthen as winter and Capricorn approaches.   

Virgo is so precise, yet so mutable, because it relates to such an exact or perfect physical state that cannot last.  




Health, diet & medical concerns, optimum physical form, physical balance and logic, perfection, virginity, purity, natural order, sorting and categorising, and bringing to order, tidy and precise environments, work & workplaces, accuracy, exactness, precision, military formation. Pets and work animals have been ‘Virgo-d’ so to speak (tamed or serving a useful and practical purpose). Digestion is a Virgoan process of assimilating (like Taurus) and eliminating (like Capricorn), and Virgo extracts the detail and value (or the nutrition) out of the physical form. Virgo concerns work or service because it is the bridge between the personal physical values of Taurus and public physical values of Capricorn.  




Restless, nervous, changeable, adaptable. Down to earth, practical, reliable. Modest and conservative. Has a preoccupation with hygiene, diet, fitness, health and ill health. Desires earthly perfection. Is particular and fussy about things being just so. Likes to be neat, tidy, practical, methodical, efficient and organised, with everything in its right place. Prefers practical, plain and simple things to fancy or frilly. Ordered, military life. Has an eye for precision and detail. Is observant, analytical and discriminating of physical things and surroundings. Has strict physical standards. Can be quite reserved sexually, or treats sex cold heartedly like a job (from virgin to whore). It is a Sign that often prefers to stay single and unmarried. Virgo lives a prudent and proper life. A Virgo has the control of a Capricorn over the excesses of a Taurus, and so keeps finances and possessions well-ordered. Being fussy and particular about having things ‘just so’ describes the Virgo type because it is all related to that moment of physical perfection this Sign represents.   




The most perfect location in all of physical creation represents Virgo, for all within this Sign is at the absolute peak of physical perfection.           

At the very CENTRE of the Garden (exactly when physical perfection is reached, starting at 29 degrees Virgo and ending at 30 degrees Virgo) exists the MOST intensely perfect single point in ALL of the already PERFECT Garden of Eden, and just in that particular and uniquely SUPREME spot, grows the ONE and ONLY Divine Tree, Which Bears The Fruit Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. As this tree represents the very source, the very centre, and essential life force of the garden itself, then to pick or eat its special fruit can only bring the downfall of the whole garden.    

You can help yourself to anything else you want in the Garden of Eden, only do not touch the Forbidden Fruit of the magical Tree of Knowledge at the sacred centre of this most ultimate garden!    

But does Eve think that she deserves to have the very best fruit in the garden?…

The absolute centre of Virgo exactly balances the two opposite Earth Signs of Taurus (good or female), and Capricorn (evil or male) – that is, to have ‘Knowledge of Good and Evil’ means literally to leave the balanced, neutral, unexpressed sexuality of Virgo’s physical zone, and to become aware of light and dark physical opposites, or male and female. The summer turns away from the ‘good’ increasing direction of Taurus and towards the ‘evil’ decreasing direction of Capricorn, so positive and negative physical forces are no longer balanced by Virgo.    




 Taurus is the leaf that grows on the tree and the flower that grows into the fruit (Mother). The leaves provide the nourishment both for the tree structure (father), and for the fruit & seed (child). The Fixed, nurturing, young-yin energy of this Earth Sign, provides the optimum conditions for germination, physical increase and abundance.   

 Virgo is the fruit of the tree which contains the ‘seed’, or the innocent  Child of its  ‘Good & Evil’ parents (Taurus/Capricorn). Tfruit containing seeds - virgohis is not literal good and evil, but just a comparison as Venus is so beautiful and the Devil so ugly because they stand for physical opposites, like beauty and the beast, sweet and sour, male and male, black and white etc…  The seed is an allegorical description of knowledge or potential, as the fruit & seed carries knowledge  of ‘good and evil’ – or the secret of male and female regeneration inherited from both the parents.  To start off with the child is neutral, until maturity or ripeness, when Virgo turns into the yin energy of Libra – for this reason, Virgo has dual and convertible neutral-yin energy.

 Capricorn is the tree itself (Father of the Earth cycle) – the mass physical form or larger structure, the permanent base support system for the whole family. Capricorn is the father of physical life, supporting the ‘wife and child’ (or the leaves and the fruit). Capricorn is the skeleton and the framework  for physical life, and the tree trunk or spine expresses the historical ancestry of the structure. The spine draws the ancient old-yang energy via its roots (Root Chakra). Capricorn’s energy is solid, stable, and reliable over a lasting period of time, it creates a background of the past and what has gone, or what is established as a background or direction for the future. Saturn usually represents an older  male, or father figure.

By the ‘force’ of Capricorn’s larger physical structure, and its actual physical shape, Saturn inertly and passively ‘drives’, controls, or restricts the creative possibilities, and the type of direction that the energy of the Earth Element cycle can take. Capricorn brings a physical ending, but that is not the end – only the way to regenerate  the cycle and begin again, in the manner programmed by the structure of Capricorn’s physical whole. Capricorn drives a cycle which creates, or procreates life passively, because the base structure (of the past) is physically inert,  and the existing structure indirectly channels the flow of life energy force. (In contrast, the young-yang principle of Mars has a direct active thrust of male creative or pro-creative life energy – Saturn and Mars share one and the same male life force, that together make the one Serpent energy – they join as twin Serpents with their male energy reversed, rising up the spine.)

Saturn is represented as the Devil not because he is actually evil but just a negative, black image of Earth. Neither is the beautiful goodness of Venus or Aphrodite actually angelic etc. But their being drawn as beauty and the beast, makes a statement about the contrast of their relationship as the most absolute physical opposites. Venus and Saturn symbolically represent the physical opposites of ‘good and evil’, because one is birth (LIVING GOOD!) and the other is death (DYING BAD!). Capricorn and Taurus are the physical opposite of each other in every way. (This is also where the idea of the underworld comes from, ruled by Hades or Satan/Saturn, because Saturn represents dying and the darkness beneath the earth, though it is also the resurrection and the life.)

The Tree of Knowledge is a complete symbol of physical birth, peak, death and regeneration:    The male tree provides the ancestral support structure or background that holds the Earth family together – Father. The female leaves grow from the tree’s branches (or ribs) to create the structure of new life and abundant growth that nourishes the family – Mother. The fruit is the neutral balance of opposites Taurus and Capricorn, and the fruit of Virgo contains the potential of the seeds, or the knowledge of male and female – Child. This special tree can only grow in the perfect garden of Virgo. Virgo’s fruit generates the garden where the perfect tree of Virgo grows (plus resident sleeping Serpent of Saturn at the base), and the garden generates the fruit or itself. From the fruit, the whole can exist again and again, therefore the whole exists within itself like a fractal, or an image within an image.




The Serpent of regeneration which lies coiled at the base of the Virgo Tree of Knowledge, is the passive and sleeping old-yang life force of Saturn, at the base (Root Chakra) of the tree (Capricorn) trunk. In Virgo, the Serpent of resurrection sleeps, so the regeneration potential of Saturn and Venus is held is reserve by Virgo and all three Signs are locked within it, as shown by the three locked coils of the Virgo glyph . (In the Water Signs, the Serpent rises in Scorpio to awaken the active regeneration energy of young-yang Mars, and this is shown by the three open coils of the Scorpio glyph .) 



The caduceus is usually a rod with either one or two snakes entwined around it. The snakes connect or overlap six times, to represent the six colour chakras along the spine. (The seventh and top chakra is the white energy of all six colours united into one whole). Sometimes the staff has wings at the top. It is known as the staff of knowledge – but this is only another name for Tree of Knowledge.

The Kundalini Serpent’s regeneration energy contains both the young-yang (or active-male energy of Mars), and the old-yang (or passive-male energy of Saturn), which are one and the same total energy force, like two sides of the same coin. Saturn and Mars share one and the same male life force, that together make the one Serpent, or twin Serpents with their male energy reversed. The active and passive twin snakes are symbolically entwined around a rod or spine, as in the caduceus of Mercury. Sometimes one snake is seen on the rod.

Mercury holds the symbol of the caduceus, to indicate that the ruler of Virgo commands the Earth trinity – as symbolised by the Tree of Knowledge with the coiled Serpent in Virgo’s Garden of Eden. The wings indicate the communication and Air quality of rising up. The caduceus is a symbol of the tree and snake(s) rising up the spine.




Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, and both Signs complete Mercury’s one potential – to combine the perfectly balanced Air/Earth at the same time. (For example, Gemini’s point of mental expression at 13 degrees of the Sign, will correspond to the same point physically at 13 degrees Virgo, or 6 degrees, or 1 degree, etc). At 29 degrees Gemini and Virgo, Mercury’s cycle is almost complete, and final Air/Earth perfection is reached at 30 degrees. The beginning and end of a Sign is synchronised to the exact same moment, and 0 degrees of a new Sign starts in another direction, with an impression of the Sign before it. Virgo’s neutral, single physical form perfects at 30 Virgo, and at the exact same point in time, 0 Libra changes into feminine to seek duality and relationships. The scale represents the points where the Signs of Gemini and Virgo reached their end, or completion, and final mental and physical balance at 30 degrees. Libra continues on from Virgo, which explains why Mercury’s scale symbol links up to Libra. 

The planet Mercury (Hermes) rules Virgo and Gemini, and gives to these Signs their Mutable or convertible energy. Mercury is a neutral planet. Virgo is a Mutable Sign, which has Neutral-Yin duality and moves from neutral to feminine.  Gemini is also a Mutable Sign, which has Neutral-Yin duality and moves from neutral to femine. Virgo is the passive/neutral  side of Mercury and Gemini is the active/neutral side. Virgo and Gemini are the two sides of one planet or energy – Gemini is the mental equivalent of Virgo, but in logically ordered thought – they are inseparable.  

The mental and physical balance of Gemini/Virgo, confers upon Mercury the ability to mentally and physically make perfectly neutral, balanced, and cold, critical judgements – to size and weigh up, and to use imbalance or balance of the scale as an indication or means to judge something. (The thief side of Mercury likes to play with tipped scales). Mercury rules weights and measures because Virgo represents the physical ‘norm’ or the average, also Mercury rules the mental logic or norm, because Gemini measures with the mind. 

Mercury (a cold logical Earth/Air planet), describes both the space or air around the object, as well as the physical object itself, so that the mental qualities of Gemini will directly translate to the physical qualities of Virgo, and the physical physical qualities of Mercury relate to the mental qualities of Mercury. The Air of Gemini will describe Virgo/Earth objects that are mundane, neutral, practical, functional, and useful – including such items as tools for work, usually involving practical use of the hands (ruled by Mercury). Virgo/Gemini can represent many types of tools (because Mercury has many talents). The scale is a practical, commercial tool understood by Mercury. The influence of Mercury’s scale begins and ends in the Signs of Gemini and Virgo. Virgo is the object or physical form, and Gemini is the corresponding idea of that object. The scale fits in perfectly with the cold, Neutral commerce, and Mutable exchange, traditionally represented by Mercury – who can juggle, tip about, weigh up, balance, discern, criticise, and measure fluctuations from the norm. Mercury picks out what is not ordered, and then categorises it correctly.

Mercury represents the principle of everything in the right place (Virgo – Earth) at the right time (Gemini – Air), and this gives Mercury its name of the ‘Magician’ or the ‘Magus’, as this mastery over the Elements can turn ideas into reality. This is because Mercury acheives the perfect moment in space and time (Air and Earth) when the logical mental and physical order come together, and moments of pure luck, coincidence, and synchronicity occur. 

joker playing cardMercury is a Magician, an Inventor, an Illusionist, Joker, Juggler, Jester etc, and loves to play, or to deceive, lie, manipulate, trick, and mislead. Mercury rules the hands, and it is the planet of thieves or trickery with the hands. Its energy is clever, sharp, flowing, changeable, and curious. Its attention span is short, and it rules general education rather than serious and committed study.  

Mercury likes distractions, games and gambling. Gambling, or gaming, and chases after that elusive moment when things are just right, banking on synchronicity. Gambling is also a form of commerce and interpersonal earthly interaction, or communication). This is because when Mercury works both through the perfect physical order of Virgo, and through the logical mental order of Gemini, this planet can create brief and fleeting moments of pure coincidence and synchronicity (sometimes negatively, like missed opportunities etc).

Mercury when retrograde causes false starts, missed opportunities, items lost in transit, messages not reaching their destination, delays on short journeys, lack of communication, and misunderstandings. 

Mercury’s influences all forms of communication, and your conscious personal mentality, the way that you relate mentally to others, how you speak, think, your powers of observation, how you present your opinions, how you express yourself in writing, where your mind is focused, your personal interests, mental outlook, how you use your hands (dexterity), and your type of job. Mercury’s Sign and House placement, and any planets in aspect to Mercury, will affect the energy and direction of the intellect.   

Mercury also rules  local travel or short journeys, and the means of the travel or mode of transport (such as cars, trains, etc), which are forms of communication. Mercury rules trades and tradesmen, and the exchange of money or commerce, which is based on neutral and interpersonal communication on the physical level of Virgo and on the verbal level of Gemini.  

The Air Element rules time and Mercury’s mental consciousness is fast, instant, now, and personal. Mercury is changeable, Mutable, so the energy is swift moving and current, and so rules the news  – nobody wants yesterday’s gossip. Mercury’s time is fresh, young and new, curious and childlike, reckless and foolish.  Mercury’s consciousness is personal, but it connects and interconnects to others too, so it is also interpersonal – and that is the duality of Mercury. (In contrast, Saturn’s Aquarius Air mental quality, is impersonal, fixed, cautious, slow, serious and Saturn rules historical time – Father Time rather than the now).   

Mercury is the perfectly balanced link between the opposite light and dark physical forces of Venus and Saturn. The statue (left) shows the figure of Mercury in between a goat – symbol of the dark season, and a rooster – symbol of the new day and the light season. The figure of Mercury is usually seen holding a rod with a snake called a caduceus, which is the staff or tree of knowledge.   

Mercury’s caduceus is a symbol of  mastery over matter or the Earth Element, because it represents the Tree of Knowledge or Earth Trinity that Virgo/Mercury protects. (The caduceus is also a medical symbol, since command over matter and balance of the physical can also mean health among other things).  




Virgo keeps the optimum physical form by balancing the physical opposites of life and death, or Taurus and Capricorn.   

Astrologically, when there is physical imbalance, illness,  disability,  or internal and external physical disorder – the perfect Virgo physical balance has been lost, and things are not in their ‘right place’. 

Both positive and negative physical influences could result from natal planet placements. Planets in conflict with and bringing tension to either Virgo, or the Sixth House  of the natal chart will disrupt the physical perfection of Virgo. 

Planets clustered all in one Sign or House will create a weight, emphasis or stress on that particular area of the natal chart, with the type of influence determined by the energy of individual planets in the cluster, and any aspects that they might make or receive. A stellium in Virgo or the Sixth House accents any Virgo related physical matters and the Virgo area of life. 

Highly strung Virgo’s can sometimes suffer from hypochondria (an excessive, and usually long term preoccupation with health or bodily sensations, accompanied by a deluded conviction of having a serious disease without objective evidence – Encarta). Excessive or overboard ‘Virgoness’ can mean sharpness and over-criticism, obsessions with details, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and nervous repetitive habits.  

An impaired Mercury can affect intelligence, cause speech impediments, stuttering, dyslexia, short term memory loss, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). 




virgin with childThe Virgin with Child image is a contradictory one, which is by definition a miracle! But this is the exact reason why the archetypal figure of a virgin holy mother is attributed to the Sign of Virgo – like The Virgin Mary and the Miracle Birth of Baby Jesus. The Sphinx with a lion’s body and a human head, symbolises the point when Leo merges with or becomes tamed by Virgo. As in the Strength card in the Tarot, the Sphinx has controled its animal passions. The Sphinx was the original symbol for Virgo. The Butterfly is a symbol of Virgo transitioning and emerging from the Earth Element  cocoon  into the Air Element of Libra, growing in beauty and grace. The butterfly’s new physical form will not last for long, and once the decline of Capricorn has begun its approach, the Libra’s priority focus is now to seek a mate and to renew the cycle of life. The butterfly’s wings, and their beauty and decoration, all relate to the Air Element half of the symbol. Wings are the literal symbol of balance and proportion of the Air Element, because these are the necessary aerodynamic features which are needed for flight, and wings are also a symbol of communication. Persephone is a mythological female Virgo figure (named the maiden and often depicted carrying a sheaf of grain) – who is about to descend into the ‘underworld’, or transition from light to dark (from Venus to Saturn) when nights start to become longer at end of summer. Persephone is the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, and she lives peacefully planting seeds and nurturing plants, until one day Hades appears through a cleft in the earth, rapes her, and abducts her off down to the underworld. Her mother Demeter grieves her loss so much that she forbids the growth of any plantlife while her daughter is gone. The earth starves in the barren world above whilst Persephone becomes the goddess of the underworld, so Zeus orders Hades to return Persephone to her mother from below and sends Mercury (Hermes) down to retrieve her. Hades (the Devil, Satan, Saturn) allows Persephone to go back up to the world above, but she must not consume any food whilst in the underworld, or else be forced to remain down there for eternity. Hades tricks her and gives her six pomegranate seeds to eat, so that she will forever have to return and descend for six months of the year into the realm of the dark underworld again, changing at every equinox. The descent and return of Persephone is said to bring the seasons. Virgo (Persephone) descends towards Capricorn and ascends towards Taurus.  




 The High Priestess – Shows a young and passive female figure, with the power of receptivity and intuition at her feet, as shown by the crescent. She has refined the raw instinct of the Strength card into psychic intuition. She embodies untouched mystery and perfection. The phases of the Moon around her head display that she has completed or ‘perfected her female cycle’ (first period). She appears both confident and open, as well as shy and secretive in her body language – her face and her upper body are angled directly forward so she sits up straight and confidently, yet the poise of her legs has a soft and sloping, shy angle or manner. She pulls her robe secretively over her, to veil the scroll where she stores, reserves, or hides, her knowledge or potential. She sits equally between black and white pillars of opposite positive and negative life forces, because she balances the other two Signs of the same Element. 

The Page of Pentacles – The Suit of Pentacles relates to the Element of Earth, and a Page is usually a young female in the Suit (Knight is a young male, and King/Queen are male & female).    

Strength – A woman passively clasps the lion’s jaws, her influence effortlessly calms and pacifies the lion. The Strength card means moderation and control over basic instincts, without the use of force. The taming of the lion represents the point of transformation from Leo into Virgo and symbolises Virgo’s purity and lack of temptation. The 8 above her head symbolises infinity. 




There is affinity between Earth Signs simply because they are of the same Element and work together in a cycle which is complementary in nature.  The three Signs of all of the four Elements are spaced four Signs apart around the wheel making a triangle, or a Trine (120 degrees) to each other. The Trine is considered a favourable astrological aspect between planets for the reason that it stands for the natural cyclical affinity within one Element.      

Signs which are two Signs away (60 degrees) from each other are compatible – for Virgo this would be Scorpio and Cancer. A 60 degree aspect, called a Sextile, is half of a Trine, and is a favourable contact but half as powerful in attraction as the Trine.     

Virgo is also attracted to its opposite Sign of Pisces. Virgo is a Sign that hides its physical potential, while Pisces (belonging to the emotional Element of Water) hides its emotional potential. Opposites Signs often do the same things but for opposite reasons.    

Aries begins the cycle of the first six Signs and Virgo is the turning point of this cycle. Aries is the initiating force which compels Virgo to transform into Libra. There is some attraction but Aries is frustrated when Virgo holds back.   




A friend aged 40, has her Ascendant in Virgo, near the Virgo/Libra cusp, with Venus in Virgo. She has never had a proper boyfriend or actual relationship.     

She loves romantic ideas, and is really enthusiastic about online dating sites, always hoping her perfect partner is out there somewhere. At the same time she is completely terrified of ever finding him as she does not believe this person actually exists anywhere in the world, with her standards set so high. It is perfection or nothing, and she has not met him so far… But she is equally critical of herself, and fears that she will not live up to his expectations either.    

She is addicted to the idea of relating and boyfriend(s), but she never actually trusts it exists in her heart. She is very, very picky and only selects only just a few potential men that might be right for her, always choosing them carefully and at length, with a lot of hyper critical considerations and fears involved.   

Next she goes through a period of hesitation and indecision before she ever decides to go ahead to send, or respond to any email contact from the dating site. And she only responds if he seems like her match, judging by his message, which is not often. She can sometimes contradict herself on what she thinks is a good match.    

She finds it safer to stick to exchanging a few emails when it comes to dating, rather than actually interact. Meeting up is a last resort! When she occasionally does try to meet up with any potentials, she is so very quickly tired from their company, and wants to be alone again after only a few minutes.   

Soon after, she severs all contact, desperately needing a break from the suffocating closeness of the brief interaction, putting the other person out of her mind as soon as possible. She does not want the distress of any more emails after that (or phone calls if she has ever dared give her number to anyone).                              

She laughs when she sees herself in these remote / from a distance type of dating relationships, because an email or two needs no personal commitment. Dating via website is easy, practical, and economical. She says there is no money spent on dressing up, on fares or on drinks etc, she does not need to comb her hair, or miss her favourite TV programme, and she can turn off the phone.   

Her ideal boyfriend would take out a dummy replica of herself on a date, who would smile happily on her behalf and enjoy the dating side of things for her, while her real self could relax now that she can cross off ‘find a boyfriend’ on her list to do.   

Maybe one of these days she will transform into a beautiful Libra butterfly and emerge from her Virgo cocoon…  




In ‘When Harry Met Sally’, Meg Ryan’s Sally character orders every element of her meal so very specifically – she has to have it just how she wants it, or she does not want it at all. And her fake orgasm is so Virgo too!

Mr Spock of ‘Star Trek’  is a very strong Virgo character, analytical, precise, measured, and critical, but he also has strong Gemini mental characteristics. His kind have given up animal passions in favour of logic. Like Mercury, Mr Spock can travel into the unconscious of others, reach out for their souls, and bring them back to the realm of conscious thought.

Monica Gellar (Courtney Cox) in the comedy series ‘Friends’ is another Virgo figure, always cleaning, tidying, organising and planning down to the last detail, often neat and orderly to extremes. She stays single till later in life, and finds relationships difficult.  She is a chef and caterer, a job which involves diet and nutrition. She also watches what she eats, as she is constantly reminded that she came from the abundant nourishment of Taurus, and needs to maintain the perfect dietary balance of Virgo, but not the too skinny influence of Capricorn. 

Young and pure, romantically waiting for her idealistic first love or her perfect prince, and with a name like Snow White – she has to be a Virgo! In the story of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’, her gentle, beautiful, and real mother the queen (Taurus), has died and been replaced by an old, wicked crone of a stepmother (Capricorn), who offers Snow White a poisoned apple to upset her physical balance and health. The poisoned fruit is symbolic of poisoning Snow White’s own physical procreation potential, so the wicked witch has chosen an apple as appropriate for the poison, in her dark sense of humour.   




Doctor, Nurse, Vet, Health Worker, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Pharmacist, Therapist, Feng Shui Expert, House Doctor, Sanitation, Yoga Teacher, Physical Trainer, Animal Trainer and Pacifier, Shepherd or Herdsman, Animal Maintenance and Control, Zoo Keeper, Librarian, Typist, Secretary, Civil Servant, Records Clerk, Clerical Worker, Factory Worker, Computer or Medical Manufacture and Repair, Precision Engineering, Mechanic, Soldier and Military Occupations, etc. Usually an individual worker rather than a big boss. The Virgo employee will usually be punctual, reliable, prepared, organised, and conscientious.  





Tidy Space Tidy Mind 

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place 

If You Want Something Done Properly You Have To Do It Yourself 

Fail To Prepare And Prepare To Fail 

A Job Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well 

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine 

Moderation In All Things 

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away 

You Are What You Eat 




~ VIRGO CONSTELLATION ~ ~ Constellation Description And Mythology


virgo constellation  


 The Purple Rose Of Virgo Galaxy ~ Virgo Galaxy Cluster  







  1. Interesting section on Virgo symbolism in the tarot. The Golden Dawn typically assigns Virgo to The Hermit. What are your thoughts on that?

  2. Thanks for your comment. Other tarot decks assign the Hermit card to Saturn as father time. The Hermit card symbolism completely fits to this Saturn symbolism, and this card is planned for my Capricorn and Aquarius articles.

    Virgo’s influence is right down the middle between the physical opposites of Taurus and Capricorn. That is why Virgo is perfectly balanced physically – never too much or too little, neither too big or too small, not too sour or too sweet, not too young nor too old – so nothing about Virgo’s symbolism fits in any way to old age, or experience and wisdom, or a being man. And for this reason, it would tip the sign’s male/female neutral balance very much to one side, and Virgo would not be Virgo anymore if an old man.

    Virgo is still new, untouched, at the physical peak and only just about to turn (at end of summer) – none of this describes experience or age yet, but a state of young and pure innocence that is about to receive knowledge of good and evil (or male and female) for the first time. Virgo is a magical and very precise physical state.

    In Virgo, the freshness of Taurus (Venus) is only just on the point of changing to the decay of Capricorn (Saturn), there is balance in Virgo and not age.

    The only connection of Virgo to a hermit is that the sign Virgo often stays single and may remain so till old age. A hermit may or may not be a virgin because of being a hermit through life’s experience and avoiding human contact. But the virgin is a virgin simply because of being a virgin, while nothing led to this state, it just is naturally, and the virgin does not even have to live alone or avoid human contact to be a virgin.

    Virgo’s ruler Mercury is quick, agile, and young, which is not the image of the Hermit at all. Saturn is the Hermit, Venus is its opposite, Virgo is the balance between them.

  3. Knowledgeable, but funny, as are many of your pages.
    I read through the past entries over the past week or two, and I must say I think I’m infatuated.

  4. Hi this is such an amazing article! Thank you so much, I now will read all the others, very very rich information. So excited!

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